Presentation of keynote speakers

Prof. Janet Ainley

Director of the School of Education, University of Leicester, coordinator of the Everyday objects group and British coordinator for the SUSTAIN project

Professor Janet Ainley is Director of the School of Education at the University of Leicester. She has an international reputation for research in mathematics and statistics education, particularly concerned with design of pedagogic tasks, often bridging science and mathematics, in which the use of technology supports children’s learning. She has been involved in a range of funded projects and presents her work regularly at international conferences and in international journals. She leads teacher professional development courses at Masters level, and supervises and examines Doctoral students.

Prof. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj (to be confirmed)

Professor for climatology at the University of Ljubljana. Vice-chair of the Working Group 2 Fourth Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Professor Kajfež Bogataj’s current research includes biometeorology, climate change scenarios and impacts on ecosystems especially on water balance. She served as vice-chair of the Working Group 2 Fourth Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and is currently one of the review editors of IPCC AR5. She is also a member of GCOS (Global climate observation system) Steering Committee at WMO acting as a link between GCOS and IPCC and a member of GWP (Global Water Partnership) Steering Committee.

Dr. David Jasmin

Director of the Foundation La main à la pâte, coordinator of the SUSTAIN project

Dr Jasmin, a Phd. in physics, has been working in science education and science popularization since 1995. He has been a research engineer in La main à la pâte since 1997 and directs this programme since 2005. He is the author and the editor of various books on primary science education. He was scientific coordinator of the FIBONACCI project and is the scientific coordinator of the SUSTAIN Project.

PaedDr. Katarína Kotuľáková

Faculty of Education, Chemistry department, Trnava University, coordinator of the Food in ESD group and Slovakian coordinator for the SUSTAIN project

Dr Katarína Kotuľáková is a lecturer at Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Education at Trnava University. She studied chemistry and biology at Trnava University and holds a PhD in chemistry education. Her research interests are in the area of pupil’s understanding of scientific phenomena, science process skills and scientific literacy of society. She is recently involved in professional development programme for in-service teachers focusing on inquiry based science education. She has also participated in several projects dealing with innovative approaches to science education and scientific literacy on national and international level.

Prof. Pierre Léna

President of the Foundation La main à la pâte, French Academy of Sciences

Pierre Léna studied physics at the École normale supérieure (Ulm). He passed his Agrégation in physical sciences in 1960 then taught physics at the Sorbonne and passed his PhD in 1969.

He became full Professor at the Université Paris VII in 1973 where he remained until the age of retirement in 2004. He taught physics and astrophysics at all levels and in 1996 became Head of the Graduate school of astrophysics Ecole doctorale Astronomie & Astrophysique d’Ile-de-France, preparing a large fraction of the future researchers in this field in France. Pierre Léna had a continued interest for education. In 1996 the physicists Georges Charpak, Nobel Prize in physics 1992, and Yves Quéré to create La main à la pâte, a nation-wide movement to renovate science education in French primary schools. This initially small venture became a world-wide enterprise which in 2014 has collaborations with over 50 countries. In 2012, the French Académie des sciences, along with the Écoles normales supérieures in Paris and Lyon, created the Foundation La main à la pâte to manage and amplify this success. He became in 2011 the first President of the Foundation.

Dr. Cliona Murphy

Lecturer in Science Education, St Patrick’s College, Dublin, coordinator of the Energy group and Irish coordinator for the SUSTAIN project

Dr Cliona Murphy was a primary teacher for ten years and has been lecturing in the area of science education at tertiary level for 14 years. Currently, her principal work focuses on the research, development and facilitation of innovative pre-service, post-graduate and continuing professional development courses and resources in the area of science education. She has conducted and published research in the area of the Nature of Science within a primary context and in the area of teaching and learning in primary science. Most recently Dr. Murphy led an interdepartmental team from St. Patrick’s college, Dublin, to research and develop a National primary education programme (Exploring Our Energy) for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

Dr. Philippe Pypaert

Programme Specialist in Environmental Sciences – UNESCO, Venice Office

Dr Pypaert is an agricultural engineer and pursued a doctorate (PhD) in environmental sciences. He joined UNESCO in 1994 where he has been acting, since then, as a Programme Specialist in Environmental Sciences. He is also acting, since 1998, as the Regional Hydrologist for Europe. During these years, he coordinated in Europe, and specially in South Eastern European and Mediterranean countries, activities related to some of the major Environmental Programme of UNESCO. He is acting since 2006 as a focal point for ESD-related activities in the region, with particular emphasis on water education (H2Ooooh! Initiative) and the application of the Ecological Footprint at schools and universities. He was the publication manager of the book “Education for Sustainable Development in Biosphere Reserves and other Designated Areas – A Resource Book for Educators in South-Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean” published by UNESCO in early 2013.

Dr. Paul Warwick

Research Fellow/Academic Developer, PedRIO & Educational Development, Centre for Sustainable Futures, Plymouth University

Dr Warwick is responsible for supporting curriculum development, pedagogic change and participatory research relating to exploring the potential for sustainability education.

He has worked for nine years within Higher Education taking a leading role in developing a variety of educational innovation and reform initiatives primarily concerned with Citizenship Education and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). In 2009 he was awarded a teaching fellowship for expertise and innovation in teaching related to the sustainability agenda at the University of Leicester. He founded a masters level course specifically geared towards teacher education in ESD and as director of a MA International Education programme pioneered a pathway specifically tailored towards innovation and reform in education.




























































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