Typhoon Usagi

Ritratto di eric vayssie

Students from Kaohsiung, Taiwan and  Shenhzen, China  realized Eratosthenes measurements during the passage of Typhoon Usagi.

The results are not very accurate because the shadow measurements were not undertaken exactly at solar noon, but it is

the most amazing Eratosthenes event of 2013

Typhoon Usagi (Odette) was the most intense tropical cyclone worldwide in 2013 thus far. Usagi (ウサギ ), which means the constellation Lepus or literally rabbit in Japanese, was the third typhoon and the nineteenth tropical storm in the northwest Pacific Ocean in 2013.
Developing into a tropical storm east of the Philippines late on September 16, Usagi began explosive intensification on September 19 and ultimately became a violent and large typhoon.It passed  south of Kaohsiung, Taiwan on september 21, and made landfall on north of Shenhzen, China on September 23.




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