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Ritratto di eric vayssie

Do you know which is the most active country in the Eratosthenes project?

Here is a hint :

आओ पृथ्वी की परिधि नापे

(Come, measure the circumference of the Earth)


Since 2005, Mr. Deepak Sharma coordinates the measurements made by the Indian schools. He is a teacher at Nanak chand Anglo Sanskrit (NAS) Inter College  of Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) and promotes the project in India, with the team of PVS science club.

Mr. Deepak Sharma gives you an appointment with the  Lisari, Hastinapur, Sardhana, Jani, Ghaziabad and Baghpat schools for the measurement of the September equinox. To see and hear the  Eratosthenes guru, you can also participate to the videoconference in which we will share the results of our measurements to calculate the circumference of the Earth.




Partners del progetto

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