Happy new year 2016!
With Aigio, Athens, Ioannina, Petroupoli, Pastida, Pireaus, Schimatari (Greece), Donji Muc (Croatia), Nis (Serbia) Lafrançaise (France),Busteni (Romania), Tunis (Tunisia), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
12 schools, from 5 countries made 26 measurements during november 2015
Ariel and Ian from Taiwan, represented our project for the final event of Global Junior Challenge in Rome from 26 to 30th october 2015
Eratos -Ween
38 schools from 17 countries made 99 measurements for the september equinox (Argentina, Brazil, China,Croatia, France, Greece, India, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay)
Videoconference at Sao Paulo University Brazil with Jeane de Fatima
Primeiro Congresso Brasileiro de Educação Escoteira.
In July 2015, 14 schools from 8 countries,and 11 Greek teachers from their holidays spots, particitated to this summer activity.
A special date was July 27th in Mumbai, when the sun angle was zero degrees at noon. The Greek teachers
33 schools from 14 countries made 63 measurements for the june solstice. (Argentina, Brazil, China,Croatia, France, Greece, India, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia, UK, Vietnam)

200 students participated on Plaza Mayor at Alcobendas (Spain) to this event organized by David Martín de Diego (Instituto de Ciencias Matematicas).

30 schools from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America participated to the measurements.

A videoconference was also organized on the same day June 12th 2015


Partners del progetto

Fondazione La main à la pâte