Eratosthenes videoconference : Malaysia (Alor Akar , Jalan Gambut) , India (Meerut, Yamunanagar) , Romania (Sibiu, Cluj Napoca) Serbia (Nis) , Slovenia (Medvode) Italy (Pozzallo, Marina di Carrara) France (Lafrançaise, Fontenay, Arcachon) Spain (Valladolid, Santiponce) Morocco (Tanger) , Argentina (Rosario) , Canada (Sainte Julie)


Eratosthenes experiment in Yamunanagar for spring equinox

The obelisk will be finished with its hierolyphs for march 20th.

The students of Narciso Cortes in Valladolid (Spain) are building an obelisk for the 20th march measurements.

On 14 15 16 feb in Mayotte, there was no shadow at solar noon

Beloeil, CANADA, Ecole Le Tournesol

Our colleague Deepak Sharma represented Uttar Pradesh state at the National Children Science Congress in Chennai (Madras)  India with his project : "Let us measure the circumference of the Earth" writen with flower letters.

Notre collègue Deepak Sharma a représenté l'Uttar Pradesh au National Children Science Congres à Chennai (Madras) - Inde avec son projet :"Let us measure the circumference of the Earth"  écrit en lettres de fleurs.

Şcoala “Regina Maria “, Sibiu România

Latitude               45°48’
Longitude            24°09’
Jour                     21.12.2010 – solstice d’hiver
Midi solaire          10:19 UTC
Hauteur gnomon  206,5 cm


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