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In Algeria, La main à la pâte’s book was translated into Arabic and an Algerian delegation was able to visit in 2002, thanks to support from the French Embassy. While the initiative has gotten off to a slow start, Algerian trainers attended the La main à la pâte international seminars in 2011 and 2012, and a professional development workshop was held in November 2011, which gave positive signs that further cooperation between La main à la pâte


En Algérie, il faut rappeler la traduction de l’ouvrage La main à la pâte en arabe et l’accueil d’une délégation al­gérienne en 2002, grâce au soutien de l’Ambassade de France.

Brunei Darussalam

Following an exploratory meeting between the Brunei Minister for Education and representative of the French Academy of Sciences, several teacher professional development programmes were organized in Brunei by trainers from the universities of Nice and Marseille (August 2008, April and July 2009, September 2010).


Brazil is without question one of the countries where the success of La main à la pâte astonishes even those who acted as its first ambassadors. After ten years of existence, the project is well established within Brazil’s federal and regional institutions and it has become a firm promoter of La main à la pâte in the region. The rapid grafting and independent development of a programme – ABC na Educação Científica.


After more than 30 years of almost continuous conflict, education in Afghanistan is, according to UNESCO, extremely degraded: school attendance rates, although growing, are still not high enough, especially where girls are concerned; the infrastructure has been destroyed or damaged; teachers have no advanced professional development; curricula are outdated and books lacking.


Creation of a regional pole around Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos through the international cooperation program: VALOFRASE.  6 training sessions Last actions: - 2 training courses organised by "Rencontres du Vietnam" (2012). La main à la pâte joins then a general dynamics of renovation of science education in Vietnam, which should be institutionalized by the writing of the 2015 curricula, by the Institute of the sciences of the Education of Hanoi.


Création d'un pôle régional autour du Vietnam, du Cambodge et du Laos par l'intermédiaire du programme de coopération internationale VALOFRASE. 6 formations Dernières actions: -4 stages de formation  organisés par "Rencontres du Vietnam" (aout 2012 et 2013).


Various exchanges took place with the vénézuela, in particular since 2008: studies visits, trainers' professional development sessions ...  An agreement between the 2 Academies of Science (France / Venezuela) was signed in 2009. Participation in the regional seminar "Indagala" (in October, 2010). - training course in Caracas (in October, 2010). Venezuelan trainers participated in the La main à la pâte international seminar in 2011 and 2012.


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