The Office for Climate Education soon hosted by La main à la pâte

Portrait de david Wilgenbus
The Foundation La main à la pâte will soon host the Office for Climate Education (OCE), an organisation devoted to promote climate change education in both developped and developing countries. The creation of OCE has been ratified by La main à la pâte's board of directors on the 21th of December 2017 and will be effective during the first quarter of 2018. The OCE will be established as a foundation sheltered by the Foundation La main à la pâte, with its own budget and an operational governance structure bringing together its main private and public partners.
The Paris Agreement, which entered into force on the 4th of November 2016, emphasized the importance of education, training and public awareness (Article 12), since the opinions and behaviors of the planet’s population will be key for an actual implementation of the Agreement. In the face of climate change, a considerable and sustained effort is needed to ensure that young generations are equipped with the means for understanding and for action, in order to protect them from prejudice, ideology or irrational thinking, and prepare them to live in a changing world.
Such a climate change education, which takes place in primary, middle and high schools, requires a multidisciplinary approach involving traditional scientific disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology, geology) as well as humanities and social sciences (geography, economics). Teachers, whose role is absolutely key to the success of such an educational project, need, worldwide, to be accompanied by the provision of quality resources as well as a professional development offer. The scientific community has a central role to play in the development and implementation of this offer.

In this context, numerous scientific institutions and NGOs have met in September 2017 and decided the creation an Office for Climate Education (OCE), coordinating the collaborative work of a broad network of stakeholders in the field (institutions and NGOs) called the Global Network for Climate Education (GNCE). This international project is articulated around a German-French backbone on scientific, pedagogical, financial and operational dimensions. More than 40 partners from 20 countries have already expressed their will to join the network. 

These two bodies (OCE and GNCE) will:

  • focus most of their efforts on teachers at the primary and secondary school levels, with particular emphasis on the 9-15 years age range;
  • follow the publication IPCC reports throughout the period 2018-2022 by providing teachers with quality, multilingual, free and open educational resources developed with the scientific community, facilitating active pedagogy (investigation…);
  • provide a diversified range of training opportunities for teachers;
  • deploy their actions around the world, with a particular focus on developing countries.

General principle of the OCE project, relying on an Office for Climate Education and a Network of local stakeholders
to promote and develop climate change education in developed and developing countries.


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