An on-line self-training device



The work carried out in the framework of the Science and Health Education project provides a solid basis for an extension of science education in relation to health education in Mali and other French-speaking African countries sharing a similar epidemiological context to Mali, while making it possible to maintain support in the latter by involving it in the activities (through regular missions and the production of distance training tools).

An online training device

The overall objective of this project is therefore to capitalize on the work done in schools in Bamako and disseminate it to strengthen teacher training in health-related sciences.
The specific objective is to develop, based on the achievements and resources produced in recent years, an online self-training system for teachers and trainers, including resources for the classroom, scientific lighting, etc. The project will be carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.


This new system will be based on :

- Trained trainers and teachers active in the field;

- TheCICM, a highly committed scientific partner.

- Classroom resources on sciences related to infectious diseases, co-written by French trainers and Malian participants and thus adapted to the local context:

  •  Two modules on science and health education (grades 6 and 5), for a total of 10 class sequences of 5 sessions each on average or ~ 50 available class sessions covering :
• the science curriculum on 3 themes (water, air and the human body)
• and health education; diseases covered: polio, tetanus, bilharzia, measles, malaria, meningitis, diarrhoea, pertussis, tuberculosis, diphtheria, HIV.
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  • A pedagogical support module


This system will thus make it possible to focus on classroom practices and education in science and health through invquiry, through the three themes that served as a common thread for the first actions: water, air and the human body, establishing for each of them a strong link with infectious diseases.

The educational material will be designed with the teams already involved in the project as part of field missions led by the La main à la pâte Foundation.

Although designed in Mali, this device is also intended to be used by teachers and trainers in other French-speaking African countries facing similar health problems.


The contents

Based on the turnkey classroom sequences presented above, this device is intended for French-speaking teachers and trainers.

It will include :

  •  Thematic self-training activities (water, air, the human body, science and health: infectious diseases and cycles of contamination) ;
  • Videos :

Exemples  : 

- Technical videos :

How to dissect a rabbit, for what purpose? Discovering the digestive and respiratory system

- Educational videos :

Professional gestures : The inquiry process with large groups, why and how?
Working in groups, how?
Class session: Air exists, it's matter. How to highlight the presence of air?
Class session: The water cycle in nature.
Class session: How to work on the contamination cycle of a disease?

- Scientifi videos :

What is the difference between a microbe, a bacterium, a virus, a parasite?

  • Testimonials from pupils, teachers, headmasters and trainers;
  • Updated knowledge on the contents covered (including " pupils " summaries);
  • Scientific insights for teachers by scientists (French, Malian, etc.),