Brunei Darussalam

Following an exploratory meeting between the Brunei Minister for Education and representative of the French Academy of Sciences, several teacher professional development programmes were organized in Brunei by trainers from the universities of Nice and Marseille (August 2008, April and July 2009, September 2010).

The visit to Paris and Nice by a delegation of five civil servants from the Brunei Ministry of Education in June 2009 and the desire to solidify this collaboration – already rich and with regular activity – led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the French Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education in Brunei in November 2010. Brunei believes that the foreseeable exhaustion of its oil reserves imposes necessary investment in education and research, with a view to developing new economic activities.

Since then, exchanges and contact have been regular: Brunei took part in the La main à la pâte international seminar from 2010 to 2013, and has sent delegations to France.

Collaboration also continues with a series of professional development sessions for a second group of teachers in Brunei, given by French trainers (in July and September 2011, a week-long professional development course was organized by trainers from the IUFM Marseille). Other professional development is foreseen for the short and medium term in order to train and accompany these groups of teachers to become specialized trainers in inquiry-based science teaching for primary and secondary level.



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