Le guide pédagogique "Quand la Terre gronde"

The following translation is graciously provided by ISTIC.

The project "When the Earth rumbles" is based on a 240-page pedagogical guide published by Le Pommier eds. It is available in French and in English.

A complete turn-key project

This book presents a progression which can be regarded as “turn-key”: all the sessions were validated by scientists and educators, then tested in scores of classes with various profiles (rural/urban areas, privileged or not, with inexperienced or experienced teachers…). The description of the sessions is sufficiently precise to allow a teacher, even with little experience of the investigation approach, to know what to do. Each one specifies what is the approximate duration of the activity, what the necessary material is, what questions to start the investigation, what the potential difficulties are, what type of conclusion is expected…

  • A turn-key pedagogical guide
    • 4 sequences (volcanoes / earthquakes / tsunamis / local hazards)
      Each session describes in detail the class activities step by step, provides the documentary resources, as well as the material needed for the experiments, the pupils reactions and answers, and so on.
    • Assessment protocoles
    • Couloured documentary sheets, to be distributed to the pupils
  • A pedagogical overview to help the teacher implement the project in his/her class
  • A scientific overview on volcanoes, earthquakes, tusnamis, as well as on Disaster Risk Reduction

The authors

  • David Wilgenbus: astrophysicist, Fondation La main à la pâte, PI
  • Cédric Faure: teacher and trainer, Ministry of Education
  • Olivier Schick: risk education expert, CEO of Prévention 2000.


  • Title: Quand la Terre gronde - un projet d'éducation aux risques pour l'école primaire
    Publisher: Le Pommier
    Publication date: March 2012
    Number of pages: 240
    ISBN: 978-2-7465-0602-2
    price: 19 €
  • Title: When the Earth rumbles - A project of risk education for the primary school
    Publisher: Le Pommier
    Publication date: 2014
    Number of pages: 240
    ISBN: 978-967-13199-0-1

Socios del proyecto

Fundación La main à la pâte