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The following translation is graciously provided by ISTIC.

The teaching guide “When the Earth Rumbles” is the result of a collaboration between the La main à la pâte team, teachers, trainers, educational specialists and scientists.

We make a point of thanking the teachers who, across France, tested this project in their classes, as well as the trainers who accompanied them. Their testimonies were very valuable for the development of this teaching guide. A big thank you to Myriam Ahmed-Yahia, Francis Bachelet, Stéphanie Barbosa, Christine Blaisot, Frédéric Bourrinet, Gérard Borios, Pierre Burnichon, Anne Clémenson, Magaly Collee, Pascale Cros, Corinne Dauchart, Charles-Henri Eyraud, Kévin Faix, Michel Fautrel, Hélène Gaillard, Claude Iglésis, Anne-Marie Lebrun, Martine Lhez, Virginie Ligère, Blancanela Miles, Jean-François Ortemann, Raquel Outes, Frédéric Pérez, Marc Rudeau, Sandra Salles, Sylvie Verney and Gabrielle Zimmermann.

To this validation “on the ground” was added a critical second review by scientific and teaching consultants. We also thank Pascal Bernard (geophysicist), Olivier Coulon (geophysicist), Guy Duchossois (space monitoring expert), Raynald Ethien (volcanologist), Helene Hebert (physician), Claude Jaupart (geophysicist), Clotilde Marin-Micewicz (educational specialist), Jean Matricon (physicist), Didier Pol (teacher), Nicolas Poussielgue (geologist), Monica Rotaru (geophysician), Edith Saltiel (educational specialist), François Schindelé (physicist), Claudine Schwartz (statistician) and Pierre Thomas (geologist).

Benjamin Gibeaux and the teams of Universcience (in particular Georgia Leguem and Pauline Bougon) did a wonderful job alongside La main à la pâte for the design and the production of the multimedia animations dedicated to this project. Thanks to them!

Finally, we express our appreciation to ESA and CASDEN for their support, as well as to all the team of the fondation des Treilles, for their warm reception which enabled us to write this work under the best conditions.

- the authors, David Wilgenbus, Cédric Faure, and Olivier Schick

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