ASTEP: Getting Involved

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Contact an ASTEP correspondent.
To raise awareness of ASTEP and help to implement it, a national network of regional correspondents has been established. It includes scientific correspondents whose main mission is to mobilize the scientific community of their region around the ASTEP program (see all missions) and correspondents from the Education Ministry (from March 2009 onwards) who are in relation with primary schools and local members of the education Ministry.

Training scientific tutors.
During scientific support in class, the teacher shall not be a spectator, nor the tutor a mere assistant. In order to clarify the role of tutors, training is usually needed.

Create teaching units or ASTEP modules.
Create a teaching unit for your university : objectives, instructions and profit.


Validate scientific support.
Universities and engineering schools have set up a validation for ASTEP support. See the different forms of validation.


Project partners

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