ASTEP: supporting the production of resources

Who is concerned ?

  • You are a scientist, a technician, an educationalist, a teacher
  • You have a long experience in teaching or training
  • You now how to produce efficient resources (articles, books, multimedia, etc)

What you will do

  • You will write books and manuals offering science-oriented activities in the classroom
  • You will gather sets and kits of educational material
  • You will write scientific culture books for the teachers
  • You will program internet websites of multimedia resources (CD, DVD, etc)

Whatever the data support, such products always require a thorough proof-reading and a validation by all the actors of the IBSE: as much as possible, the concepts they carry must fit in the recommendations of the Ministry of Education. In addition, the authoring team may request the attribution of the La main à la pâte label, as a token of excellency.


Documents written for use in a classroom should always be completed with appendices developping the scientific background so that the teacher can understand the concepts to be investigated.

Producing such resources alone might be risky, as it is the easiest way to include too many implicit or "obvious" elements, as well as miss the level of the audience (pupil, class, teacher). It is also a well-known difficulty not to add too many concepts in the same project, that may not all be correctly learnt by pupils through investigation. In any case, it is always a good idea to let some latency so that teachers can adapt the resources' content to their own circumstances.


For more information : pdf (145Ko)

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