ASTEP: supporting teachers from a distance

Who is concerned ?

  • You are a scientist with recognised competence in a particular area.
  • You want to help on a voluntary basis teachers who encounter difficulties.
  • You are available to answer questions of teachers related to scientific and technologic activities led in class.

What you will do

  • You will answer scientific questions from teachers through the internet (email, mailing list, forum, dedicated website). The presence of a moderator will help the drafting of questions and answers.
  • You will take part in forums and mailing lists concerning the teaching of science.


This support is mainly based on occasional need, which enables you to manage your time more easily; nonetheless, you must be able to react quickly, so that your contribution can be used in class without delaying planned activities. Authoritative arguments and mathematical equations are prohibited. The same applies to any value judgements concerning the relevance of a question. Answers need to be quite clear, in order to maintain mutual understanding throughout the exchange. In all cases, the scientist must ask, if necessary, details concerning the question, before giving an early answer ; then, he should not hesitate to provide further explanations and give details about anything in his answer that seems obvious to him.

For more information : pdf (158Ko)

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