ASTEP: supporting teachers through sponsorship

Who is concerned

  • You are a confirmed scientist (a research scientist, an engineer or a university) either working or retired.
  • You want to create sustainable links with a class to support the teacher and his pupils in sciences.

What you will do

  • Keep contact with the class, throughout the year or a project, thanks to written correspondence, telephone calls or email.
  • Meet the teacher at least once each term to assess preparation and the results of the sessions.
  • Assist, at the beginning of the supporting, at a session of scientific activities in class, in order to be aware of the scientific level of primary school pupils, of their questions, of the type of reasoning they develop.

You will be a scientific reference for the teacher, providing him with theoretical and practical assistance that can take on various forms:

  • Intellectual support, to help specify a concept, interpret a phenomenon, refine an investigative approach, define the limits of a model or generalisation.
  • A scientific guarantee, when it is necessary to define a project of scientific activities and the related target notions.
  • An assistance with experiments, by bringing ideas for experimental activities or lending equipment.
    Organisational support, from the design to the planning of projects or arranging visits on site.


The sponsorship is a long term commitment, it is therefore important that the scientific tutor accepts to maintain contacts on a regular basis.

Information given by the tutor must be precise, accessible for the teacher and easy to use in class.

For more information: pdf (192Ko)

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