ASTEP: supporting teachers in the classroom

Who is concerned ?

  • You are a professional scientist or a scientist in training, a student from universities and engineering schools, a working or retired scientist, engineer.
  • You would like to take a part in teaching science and technology in primary classes.
  • You are ready to come in class on a regular basis (half a day per week), during at least seven weeks, in order to give your mission a certain continuity.

What you will do

  • Assist the teacher during scientific and technologic activities.
  • Guide the students through the investigative approach to stimulate expression and reasoning and to question them.
  • Take an active part in exchanges in class.
  • After the activities, analyse their organisation with the teacher, each one bringing his skills, scientific expertise on the one hand and know-how on the other hand.


The preparation work being essential, it is necessary to spend time before the sessions in class to consider several points.

  • The period of the year and the duration of the Teacher Support project.
  • The context of the work done.
  • Explanation of the notions of the programme and of the target scientific concepts.
  • To distribute the tasks required for the preparation of the project (tools, equipment, documents…) and for its implementation (who will talk and guide children…)

The role of the tutor is a subtle one: he must act in the class without taking the class in charge alone, answer questions without giving too many answers… Furthermore, excess of enthusiasm should not make forget the programme of the primary school which set the framework for learning in schools, taking into account the cognitive abilities of students. Your attendance in class will create an original pedagogic situation, considering the diversity and wealth of possible interactions between the teacher, the scientist and the students.

For more information: pdf (259Ko)

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