Presentation of the International Seminar

The international seminar took place from 17 to 21 June 2019 !

In order to meet growing international demand from new foreign partners, the La main à la pâte foundation has organized since 2010 an international seminar on science and technology education in compulsory education, open to foreign trainers and managers who wished to discover its activities.

In 2019, the international seminar celebrated its 10th anniversary!

This tenth edition took place from 17 to 21 June 2019, at the International Center of Educational Studies (CIEP) of Sèvres (near Paris).

To mark this anniversary date, the Fondation La main à la pâte wished to capitalize on the impacts that this international seminar has had on the evolution of science teaching practices in the countries of the various participants, from both a pedagogical and a strategic point of view.

Thus, this year, only people who have already participated in one of the first 9 seminars and have developed local activities/projects related to science education were invited.

This tenth seminar was a place of sharing, exchange of practices, ideas, strategies, tools...

The programme was based in part on workshops proposed, developed and facilitated by the seminar participants, which had been selected on the basis of a detailed questionnaire.
These workshops have provided a global vision of what participation in the international seminar has brought, and highlighted the essential elements for the development of such projects in different countries and for local adaptation.

This seminar was concluded by a day of colloquium, where the conclusions of the reflections were presented, in the presence of some institutional partners of La main à la pâte and its International Committee.



The Seminar Partners

This seminar was organised by the La main à la pâte foundation (Academy of sciences - Institute of France) in collaboration with the Directorate of European and International Affairs and Cooperation of the  Ministrie of Education and  the International Center for Educational Studies (CIEP).


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