1, 2, 3, code ! - Cycle 3 activities - Sequence III: Sending News






Lesson 1

How to send an image

Students must figure out how to transfer an image remotely. To do this, they learn that an image can be represented by a pixel grid. They learn about the notion of resolution as they see that the more pixels an image has, the clearer it becomes, but also the slower it is to transfer.

Lesson 2

How to code a black and white image

Students apply what they learned from the previous lesson to coding black and white digital images. They first view a single file in a text editor and an image editor to understand how the information is coded. They then code a small checkerboard themselves.

Lesson 3

(Optional) How to code a grayscale or color image

Students take what they learned in the previous lesson further by learning how to code a gray and color digital image.

Lesson 4

How to ensure a message is secure

To protect their messages, students learn about encryption using a simple algorithm (called  Caesar’s cipher), which involves shifting the letters of a message.

Lesson 5

(Optional) How to make sure our data are successfully sent

Students learn that it is possible to detect and correct errors introduced when storing or transferring a file by adding the right information. This lets them do a sort of "magic trick.".


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