1, 2, 3, code ! - Cycle 2 activities - Lesson 2b.7. Producing the final episode autonomously


Students work on their own to tell the last episode of their hero's adventure. They cover the key ideas from the entire sequence and finish their program.


For the class

  • (Recommended) A computer on which the Scratch software has been installed and a video projection system.

For each student pair

  • A computer on which the Scratch application has been installed.

For each student

  • Handout 32, page XX


1 or more one-hour lessons 


Starting the activity

The teacher tells the students that they can tell the last episode almost however they like with Scratch. There is only one condition: they must use events to coordinate their characters and use loops. The teacher suggests that they try and not be overly ambitious to start with and to add elements to their story if they have time at the end.


Creating the episode (ideally in pairs)

The students talk in pairs about the essential elements to include in the last episode. Which characters? Which stages? Which events to trigger the characters' actions?

The students have two available backdrops: the beach at sunset and the hero's bedroom. They can also choose another stage from the Scratch library.


Programming the episode

After approval from the teacher, who checks with the students that their plan is realistic, the students program the last episode in a new file separate from the first three episodes. The teacher walks around to all the groups to make sure they are making progress.


Conclusion: Class presentation

To conclude the lesson, each group of students shows their final episode to the class. The students talk about the programs they are most proud of or those that were most difficult to figure out. They can also share any difficulties they could not solve and see if the class can help find a solution. Students will have time to modify their episode after the class discussion.

The file "II-2b_magician_correction_lesson_7.sb2" is an example of a program to tell the last episode (bird, magician and returning home for the hero). This is only one possible option.


Further study

Now that students have learned to program on Scratch, they can use their skills to create other projects during the year, such as animated cards for Christmas, Mother's Day, etc.


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