The different forms of cooperation

Often at the request of its foreign partners, since 1998, La main à la pâte has implemented a series of measures :

1/ To increase the awareness of the issues connected with science teaching in the global context. This has been done jointly with international culture, education and research organisations, in particular by participating in many conferences. 

2/ To share expertise, which, along with La main à la pâte’s own experience and knowhow, gained over twenty years, has enabled similar projects to be started abroad. This has come about through hosting foreign delegations, holding seminars or summer schools and conducting countless missions abroad.

3/ To organise professional development for trainers. Since 2000, every year La main à la pâte organises at least ten international professional development workshops in partnership with university departments involved in trainers' and teachers' professional development.The goal is to help identify and train intermediaries and facilitators, who will become local coordinators and be essential to the revitalisation of science teaching. This does not, in any way, attempt to replace the own capacities of the recipient country.

4/ To exchange educational, pedagogical and scientific resources such as the original IT tools developed by La main à la pâte. Organisations abroad have been inspired by the La main à la pâte French website when designing their own sites. In addition, they have been allowed by La main à la pâte to translate and edit its numerous materials.

5/ To network with foreign partners, which are involved in similar projects, in certain geographical areas (the European Union, Southeast Asia and Latin America).

Documentation :

Download the bilingual brochure presenting La main à la pâte's international action