International relations

In many countries, science education has been facing the same issues, such as young people's decreasing interest in scientific careers despite the growth of knowledge-based economies, and a generally, negative perception of science by the public. Consequently, many countries have come to the same conclusion that science teaching needed a significant overhaul, particularly to appeal to the very young.


In an effort to change the prevailing negative view of science studies, La main à la pâte recommends that teachers implement an inquiry-based method with pupils. This combines exploration of the world, scientific learning, experimentation, reasoning, and the command of language and argumentation, so that all children deepen their understanding of the objects and phenomena around them. Curiosity, creativity and critical attitude are the core competencies that La main à la pâte aims to develop.

The techniques and tools developed by La main à la pâte, made available in various countriesthrough French embassies quickly aroused the interest of foreign partners. Today, La main à la pâte is cooperating with more than 40 countries and 3 regional networks (European Union, Southeast Asia and Latin America). Its partners abroad include developed and emerging countries. Some are going through a rebuilding process due to severe internal crises.

The commitment to international cooperation is based on the deep conviction that education is a global issue stretching beyond national boundaries, which can only be addressed through international exchange and cooperation.

The work of La main à la pâte has been supported by teachers professional development centres and its own pilot centres. The sharing of expertise and La main à la pâte 's experience and knowhow, gained in France over twenty years, have enabled similar projects to be started abroad.

Cooperation efforts also includes trainers' professional development and the exchange of learning and scientific resources, including original IT tools developed by La main à la pâte. Some organisations abroad have been inspired  by the La main à la pâte French website to design their own mirror website.

La main à la pâte has always encouraged its partners to adapt its main ideas and resources to their own institutional and cultural context.


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