A full tutoring and support system


In order to help teachers implement inquiry-based science education in the classroom, a whole system was designed in France to support them:


Gathering twenty persons (scientists, teachers, projects administrators) in its installations in Paris, La main à la pâte is an innovative pole, in France and abroad, with a recognized expertise in science education in school. It leans on a wide network of institutional partners (ministerial directorates, agencies and public institutions, foundations, associations).



  • large network of resources persons and associated trainers in France and abroad, all main actors and practioners of science and technology education;
  • Dissemination, empowering and public awareness of inquiry-based science education (IBSE) through conferences and seminars, expertise and recommendations, evaluation and assessment, training and publications;

  • Involvement of the scientific community, particularly through teachers coaching;

  • Elaboration and dissemination of free pedagogical and scientific resources;

  • Networking of teachers, trainers and scientists, through field exchanges and Internet services;

  • Large number of on-line services and resources (learning units and scientific documents), principally for teachers and trainers, on a website with several thousand pages (www.fondation-lamap.org).

This implementation leans on the network of La main à la pâte pilot centres, which plays a prominent role for implementation and dissemination of good practices, as well as for assessing the impact of IBSE methods on teachers and pupils.


Documentation :

Download an example of activities proposed to the teachers.

Download the methodological guide on the inquiry-based science education in class.

Download the guide on the creation of an experimental center.

Download the guide on the tutoring of the teachers by the scientists.

Download the recommendations of the workgroup of InterAcademy Panel on the implementation of the inquiry-based science education.Document in french/english/spanish