1, 2, 3, code ! - Cycle 2 activities - Sequence I: The adventure






Lesson 1

The hero's journey

The hero awakes in an unknown world in the great outdoors. A journey awaits where he must travel down the mountain he finds himself on. Students must guide him with conditional constructs.

Lesson 2

Decoding a message

At the end of this perilous journey, the hero must solve a riddle carved on a tree trunk. Students understand that it is a coded message. To help the hero, they must decode the message to understand its meaning.

Lesson 3

Programming a route

The hero cannot reach the treasure at the bottom of the sea, but he finds a small submarine. The students must invent a language to pilot it remotely.

Lesson 4

Summoning the magician

The hero must summon a magician by asking for help from the birds. To do this, he must create a drawing on the ground using white and black rocks. The students learn how to pixelate an image in black and white.

Lesson 5

(Optional) Following a recipe

Thanks to the magician, the hero will be able to create the magic recipe. The students must analyze the structure of the recipe to find the elements for an algorithm.

Lesson 6

(Optional) Building a magic key The hero can return home. Before he leaves, the magician gives him a magic key that will let him come back. The students must describe the algorithm that will let him duplicate this key.


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