1, 2, 3, code ! - Cycle 1 activities - Sequence I: Playing robot





Lesson 1

Moving an object around a grid 

Students learn how to give precise orders to an avatar to control its movements around a grid.

Lesson 2

Challenge: Programming an avatar's movements along a route 

By combining instructions from the previous lesson, students design a program to create a complex route for an avatar.

Lesson 3

Formative assessment: Other routes, other programs

The students write and interpret programs for other routes.

Lesson 4

Conditional routes: Treasure hunt 

Students enrich their programming language with conditional constructs (if–then statements).

Lesson 5

(Optional) A route of any length: Loops

When routes become long or complex, students begin to understand the importance of simplifying a program: they discover that loops can be used to avoid repetitions.

The class can then continue on with Sequence II (if robots are available) or the Review lesson.


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