Final European Conference of the SUSTAIN project - Berlin - 10/11 October 2016


Supporting Science Teaching Advancement through Inquiry


SUSTAIN Second European Conference Berlin, Germany
10 & 11 October 2016


The SUSTAIN project, Supporting Science Teaching Advancement Through Inquiry, aims at supporting the implementation at school of a more relevant and effective approach of the education for sustainable development (ESD) thanks to the specific contribution of inquiry-based science education (IBSE).

During almost three years, SUSTAIN has produced pedagogical contents, tools and teachers’ professional development activities that foster among children the scientific understanding of issues and challenges linked to sustainable development, and thus reinforce their future ability to act as informed and responsible citizens.

The Final European Conference of the SUSTAIN project is organized by the Freie Universität Berlin.        

Its main goal is to present the results of the work carried out by the network, in particular the handbooks produced by the 3 topic groups (Food, Energy & Everyday objects), and highlight the contribution of the network to the development of ESD through IBSE.

Target audience: educational experts, teachers, educators, education policy makers and other stakeholders actively involved in ESD and IBSE at school.

Registration deadline: September 30, 2016

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Speaker: David Jasmin
Fondation La main à la pâte, coordination of the SUSTAIN project


Speaker: Prof. Dr. Inka Bormann, Division of General Education, Freie Universität Berlin


Speaker : Justin Dillon - Professor of Science and Environmental Education & Head of Graduate School of Education at University of Bristol


Speaker: Dr. Ingo Eilks, Professor for Teaching Methods of Chemistry, Universität Bremen




With the support of the Lifelong Learning programme of the European Union



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