Complements - Sequence 3: Tsunamis

The following translation is graciously provided by ISTIC.

Herein are listed the documentary sheets to copy and distribute during the various sessions of Sequence 3, as well as video clips. The latter (documentaries or recorded experiments) can be either broadcast in class with a projector, or used by the teacher alone to facilitate the preparation of the sessions.




Session 3-1

Sheet 34


This video shows the same area seen from a plane, before and after the 2004 tsunami in S-E Asia.
It is clearly visible that the coast was flooded over several kilometres.


Sheet 35


Video (4 minutes, 58 seconde)

The 2004 tsunami arrives on the Thailand coasts. The chronology is visible:
- At 10:20, the woman boards the boat (that is in the water).
- 5 minutes later, the same boat is now on the floor: the tide flew back by several dozen metres.
- 5 minutes later, the tide flows at the same speed it receded: the tsunami arrives. We cannot decipher one specific wave, but the water flows in inexorably, flooding even first storeys.

Video (1 minute, 4 seconds)

Arrival of the 2011 tsunami wave in a Japanese port, flooding everything in its wake.


Video (19 seconds)

The 2011 tsunami nearing the Japanese coast, as recorded from the ground: the height of the wave is clearly seen, looming over the highest buildings.


Session 3-3

Sheet 36


Video (8 seconds)

Measurement of the speed of a wave in a shallow recipient (the waves are slow).


Video (6 seconds)

MEasurement of the speed of a wave in a deeper recipient (the waves are faster).


Video (18 seconds)

  Large-scale propagation of the 2004 tsunami.
The propagation speed is close to that of a plane: only a few hours are needed to cross the ocean.
It is also worth noting that even thousands of kilometers away from the epicentre, the strength of the tsunami has not diminished.






  Propagation map of a tsunami, allowing us to calculate the tsunami's speed.





Session 3-5

Sheet 37




Sheet 38


Sheet 39


Sheet 40


Sheet 41


Sheet 42

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