Ocean : Bibliography

Scientific resources

SHOM (Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service) informative website

The official website for the SHOM, the French authority in hydrography and oceanography, provides access to information about the tides, current monitoring and the elevated sea level: www.shom.fr/en

Website for reference geographic maritime and coastal figures

The SHOM offers public and free access to its maps and archives: bathymetry, cartography, currents, altimetry, and so on. http://data.shom.fr

Teaching resources


Tara Expedition is a leading scientific and human adventure that provides a variety of teaching tools to awaken the interest of children of all ages to the environmental challenges in the oceans: http://oceans.taraexpeditions.org/en

ESA Eduspace

The European Space Agency offers teaching resources for middle and high school pupils on the observation of Earth from space. In particular, exercises on the melting icecaps, oil spills, hurricanes, the weather and the climate: http://www.esa.int/Education


At Boulogne s/ Mer, the French national sea centre offers many pedagogical worksheets on oceans and their preservation, for children aged 4 to 16 http://www.nausicaa.co.uk

International Polar Foundation

IPF proposes pedagogical worksheets on oceans, waste, climate change, maritime trades, etc. http://www.educapoles.org/education_material

Pedagogical tools by ADEME

ADEME offers pedagogical resources on “Climate Change” and “Sustainable Development” on http://www.ademe.fr/en.

Foundation La main à la pâte

The Foundation La main à la pâte website offers a variety of teaching resources on themes related to the ocean: the water cycle, biodiversity, energy, etc.: http://www.fondation-lamap.org/en/international-resources


Documentary resources


A selection of pedagogical worksheets, images and documents are available at http://www.nausicaa.co.uk/educative-resources.html


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