Scientix – the community for science education in Europe – was created to facilitate regular dissemination and sharing of know-how and best practices in science education across the European Union.


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Scientix collects teaching materials and research reports from European science education projects financed by the European Union under the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development (Directorate General Research), the Lifelong Learning Programme (Directorate General Education and Culture) and various national initiatives.

Through various online and off-line services Scientix wants to create a lively community for its users.

The Scientix project started in December 2009 and the website was launched in May 2010. 
Scientix is managed by European Schoolnet (EUN) on behalf of the European Commission (DG Research).

Scientix is open for teachers, researchers, policy makers, parents and anyone interested in science education.


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To fully benefit from the Portal you have to register.

Once registered, you can have access to fora, chats, and network with other users of the Portal.

You can also search for resources and projects. The resources you will find have been produced in the framework of EU projects and national projects of EU countries, at least partially funded by public bodies. If the resource you are interested in written in a foreign language, you can ask for a translation in your language: all you have to do is ask for it. Once 3 people have made the same request, the process of translation starts, and the resource is translated (it can take  1 week to 2 months for the resource to be put online, but you are notified by email once the resource is available).

The list of the resources include suitable age, key words and a short description of the contents des mots clé, un court descriptif des contenus. Resources are under Creative Commons licence and can hence be freely used and adapted by users.


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Scientix & La main à la pâte Foundation


The La main à la pate Foundation has joined Scientix project in its second phase (Scientix 2), in 2013, as the national contact point in France. The Foundation aims at contributing to the realization of the aims of Scientix: the creation of an international community of actors in science education and the dissemination of resources produced in Europe to promote STEM education STEM, for the betterment of STEM education in Europe and beyond.

To achieve these objectives, the La main à la pâte Foundation is engaged in the following actions:


  •  Presenting Scientix, its objectives and the resources available at training events and seminars on STEM education organized on the national territory
  •  Organizing a national conference on STEM education, living science, research and industry
  •  Organizing a webinar (web seminar) on investigation in STEM education
  •  Nourishing the Scientix Portal with initiatives, projects, resources for STEM education that are produced in France and are at least partially financed by public bodies
  •  Participating in international meetings organized by Scientix for its national contact points, including the European Scientix Conference to be held in Brussels: 24-26 October 2014.


Visit the conference website:


Three French teachers were chosen as ambassadors of Scientix in France. Ambassadors strengthen the connection between the Scientix project at the European level and the national territory.