Practical information

A: Ljubljana Airport (Letališče Jožeta Pučnika, Brnik) ; B: Bled
Distance 37 km, 25 minutes by shuttle

How to come to Bled?

Bled is easily reached by road, by air, by train and by bus from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

If you arrive by air: the Ljubljana (Brnik) Airport is about 30 kilometers to the southeast of Bled. There are good connections to Ljubljana from all major European airports. Shuttles will be organized from the airport to the Hotel Astoria.

Alternatively you can fly to Venice or Treviso airports (Italy, cca 250 km) or Graz (Austria, cca 200 km) and then continue by public transportation or rent-a-car.

Please, contact the organisers for more information.

More information about Bled

The weather is usually mild and pleasant in autumn. For current weather conditions check:

General information about Slovenia and all useful links are available at the Slovenia Tourist

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