Presentaion of the University of Leicester

University of Leicester, School of Education, offers an extensive programme of education for prospective and experienced teachers. It works collaboratively with partner schools to provide primary and secondary Postgraduate Certificate of Education Programmes which are in high demand. The School also offers a range full-time, part-time and Distance Learning Masters programmes, and Doctoral programmes, and undertakes research in a range of areas.

Main tasks within the project will be:

•  Overall co-ordination of the three European seminars for Teacher Educators, and associated reports,

•  Development, implementation and evaluation of an accredited  CPD programme at Leicester,

•  Development and implementation of professional development for UK teacher educators,

• Leadership of the cross-cutting topic on Mathematics and Science, and organisation of two European CPD workshops.


Previous experience in European projects:

Leicester School of Education has taken a significant role in the Pollen and Fibonacci Projects (as e Reference Centre) in IBSE. In addition, Leicester School of Education are currently involved in two further European projects:  RESTARTS and IntTT (Comenius funding).


Expertise in inquiry-based science education Continuing professional development for teachers and in the development of CPD courses:

The School of Education has particular expertise in science and mathematics education. IBSE is embedded as a strong component in both pre-service and in-service science education courses in the School, at primary and secondary level. Similar investigative and inquiry-based approaches underpin the parallel provision in mathematics education, and within the Fibonacci Project explicit connections between IBSE and IBME have been established.


IBSE successfully implemented  in a large number of CPD sessions (with a large numbers of teachers):

In 1999-2000 a two-year professional development programme provided 70 teachers and 2000 pupils with IBSME professional development in Leicester City. This has been followed up by an additional 100 teachers through the Pollen Project and 25-30 teachers in primary and lower secondary schools involved in the Fibonacci Project.


Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development:

The University of Leicester has an ESD Forum, chaired by a lecturer within the School of Education, which aims to facilitate collaboration and innovation across different faculties and departments with regard to increasing ESD provision across the University. This forum has helped to create a pioneering interdisciplinary undergraduate ESD programme, and led research, evaluation and audit activities in order to map both staff and students views with regard to ESD. The School of Education offers a Post-Graduate Certificate in ESD within its CPD provision. The School of Education is represented on the United Nations Regional Centre for Expertise in ESD, created in response to the UN Decade for ESD (2005-2014).


Official link with a national or regional institution of reference working in science education, and Link with provider of informal  science education (Science centres, museums…) involved in teacher CPD:

The Regional Science Learning Centre East Midlands, based in Leicester School of Education, is devoted to providing innovative professional development in science education in the region. It provides professional development for 1800 primary schools. It has good relationships with museums and organisations which make industrial links between schools and business. It is part of a Network of 9 Regional SLCs and the National SLC, which has close links with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.


Role of the organisation in the SUSTAIN Network:

The University of Leicester will participate in one of three topic groups linking IBSE and ESD and collaborate with other CPD provider coordinators and teacher educators to develop teaching and training tools, European workshops and handbooks on the chosen topic.

The University of Leicester will also co-organise, with the European coordination team, one of the three European workshops, which will be held in Leicester, to present and disseminate the work done by the specific topic group on one of the three chosen topics linking IBSE and ESD.

Project partners