Presentation of the University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana (UL) possesses a rich tradition. It ranks as a very large university, with more than 63,000 graduate and postgraduate students. Approximately 4 000 higher education teachers are employed in the 3 arts academies and 23 faculties. The university was founded in 1919 and is based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

The Faculty of Education is one of the partners in this project. The Faculty of Education educates and trains future teachers and other professional workers in education from preschool and primary teachers to teachers who are specialists in teaching two subjects or subject areas in lower secondary schools, as well as in certain higher secondary schools. The Faculty of Education offers and regularly organises supplementary professional education and various in-service professional development sessions.

The research fields the Faculty of Education focuses on are the areas of educational sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.


Previous experience in European projects:

The Faculty of Education is currently actively involved in four FP7 projects (The FIBONACCI Project as a Reference Centre, GOETHE, SECURE and PROFILES), several Tempus projects, as well as the Erasmus, Gruntvig, Leonardo da Vinci and Comenius projects. It has also been involved in the FP6 POLLEN Project.


Expertise in inquiry-based science education Continuing professional development for teachers and in the development of CPD courses:

Within the Pollen Project, 12 different topics were developed and 42 CPD workshops were organized (190 primary teachers and 175 kindergarten teachers attended). In The Fibonacci Project, 5 new topics were developed and 28 CPD workshops on IBSE were conducted for 227 kindergarten and primary teachers. The PROFILES project works on IBSE with 45 lower secondary teachers.


Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development:

Faculty of Education constantly updates its curricula for both pre - and in-service teachers' education courses, and keeps instruction, learning and assessment up to date with close cooperation with a network schools. PhD courses and international EPTE (European Primary Teacher Education) programme were established as a response to contemporary challenges in education and society.

Cooperative working towards common goals, working in groups and networking with different partners are implemented. Critical thinking and reflections are fostered and special attention is given to raise awareness of the environmental, economic and ethical challenges in the modern society. Importance of education and role of knowledgeable citizens to contribute to possible solutions are highlighted. Active citizenship is encouraged.


Link with provider of informal science education (Science centres, museums…) involved in teacher CPD:

The Faculty of Education cooperates with The House of Experiments (HE) and the Centre for Outdoor Learning (CSOD).


Role of the organisation in the SUSTAIN Network:

The University of Ljubljana will participate in one of three topic groups linking IBSE and ESD and collaborate with other CPD provider coordinators and teacher educators to develop teaching and training tools, European workshops and handbooks on the chosen topic.

The University of Ljubljana will also co-organise, with the European coordination team, the first European conference, which will be held in Slovenia to present the project and debate on the three chosen cross-cutting topics.

Project partners