Presentation of the ST PATRICK'S COLLEGE



St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, is a college of Dublin City University and a leading provider of initial and post-graduate teacher education for the primary sector in Ireland.  Founded in 1875, the College has grown dramatically in recent years and has established itself as a centre of research and post-graduate studies in the humanities and education. The College has a particular commitment to education for inclusion, democratic citizenship (global and local) and equality.

 St Patrick’s College has a long tradition of educational research.  The Educational Research Centre (ERC) has a national remit in terms of its research focus and regularly publishes seminal reports, the majority of which are commissioned by State bodies. Members of the Education Department in the College have wide experience of involvement in education programmes – in terms of their development, dissemination and evaluation


Previous experience in European projects:

St. Patrick’s College was a Twin Centre 1 (TC1) in the European FP7 funded Fibonacci Project.


Expertise in inquiry-based science education continuing professional development  for teachers and in the development of CPD courses:

The science education personnel (Dr. Cliona Murphy and Dr. Greg Smith) who will be contributing to this  European Project have significant  expertise in the design and provision of a range of initial teacher education and post graduate courses in science education. All courses emphasise engagement with IBSE for both participants and as a teaching strategy for use in schools.


Link with a national or regional institution of reference working in science education and Sustainable development and/or with provider of informal science education (Science centres, museums…) involved in teacher CPD:

  • Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning (CASTeL)
  • Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO) CPD Unit
  • National Council for Curriculum and Assessment ( NCCA) Ireland
  • Department of Education and Skills
  • Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland ( SEAI)


Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development:

In Ireland the promotion of sustainable energy practices is the responsibility of the semi-state agency, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)

  • In 2010 - 2011 Dr. Cliona Murphy in collaboration with colleagues from the Education Department and Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship (CHRC) in St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra were commissioned to conduct an in-depth evaluation of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) Education Programme, whichanalysed and evaluated the SEAI primary and secondary school programmes. The final report provided SEAI with recommendations on future development of the education programme. :

2013-2015: Dr. Cliona Murphy and Dr. Greg have been commissioned by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to adapt and develop their education programme. As part of this project Dr Murphy, Dr Smith and their team will focus on the enrichment and development of the educational resources with pedagogy such as inquiry-based science education (IBSE) and the use of digital tools, to: enhance their usage; nurture the development of scientific and digital learning skills and competencies; promote higher order thinking around Sustainable Energy via science and digital learning. The second part of the project will be to design and implement an innovative and sustainable model for teacher engagement and education to integrate the usage of SEAI resources into current classroom practices.
Provide information on the operational and financial management of the project within the organisation:

Dr. Cliona Murphy will be the overall coordinator of the project in St Patrick’s college but will be supported by Dr Greg Smith (Biology Department) and other members from Education Department and Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship in St Patrick’s College.  

Mr Martin Ward, the secretary bursar will co-ordinate the financial management of the project in the college.


Role of the organisation in the SUSTAIN Network:

St Patrick’s College will participate in one of three topic groups linking IBSE and ESD and collaborate with other CPD provider coordinators and teacher educators to develop teaching and training tools, European workshops and handbooks on the chosen topic.

St Patrick’s College will also co-organise, with the European coordination team, one of the three European workshops, which will be held in Ireland, to present and disseminate the work done by the specific topic group on one of the three chosen topics linking IBSE and ESD.

Project partners