15 schools over 4 continents participated to the june solstice measure

Vous pouvez dès maintenant réaliser vos mesures d'ombre au midi solaire. Vos résultats  seront très proches de ceux que vous pourriez obtenir le jour du 21 juin ( C'est un samedi !)

An interesting measure, on D-Day (6th june) using a water rocket as gnomon
32 schools over 4 continents participated to the march equinox measure
19 schools over 4 continents participated to the december solstice measure
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With students from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, India, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, France, Argentina, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Centro Educacional Nosso Mundo with: Grupo 31 Marechal Rondon Grupo de Escoteiros 52 Fabiano de Cristo

Video from local New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) in Meerut


Students from Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Shenhzen, China realized Eratosthenes measurements during the passage of Typhoon Usagi.
analemnatic sundial

The realization of an analemnatic sundial is an interesting activity to conduct with your students within the project Eratosthenes.
Here are photos and links of 5 sundials realized in France, Italy and India.



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