In July 2015, 14 schools from 8 countries,and 11 Greek teachers from their holidays spots, particitated to this summer activity.
A special date was July 27th in Mumbai, when the sun angle was zero degrees at noon. The Greek teachers
33 schools from 14 countries made 63 measurements for the june solstice. (Argentina, Brazil, China,Croatia, France, Greece, India, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia, UK, Vietnam)

200 students participated on Plaza Mayor at Alcobendas (Spain) to this event organized by David Martín de Diego (Instituto de Ciencias Matematicas).

30 schools from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America participated to the measurements.

A videoconference was also organized on the same day June 12th 2015

13 schools from 9 countries over 4 continents participated to this event.

Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina

There are special days, special places , when and where the sun casts no shadow at noon. This was the first Eratosthenes experiment between Alexandria and Aswan, 2200 years ago. It will happen on may 15, 2015 in Mumbai India. You are all welcome to participate.

Shenzhen is a city in the south of China. Our school was established in Shenzhen more than thirty years old. We are very glad to take parting this activity. It lets us experience the fun of Science. We are very happy to cooperate with the teachers and students from five continents. Thank you!

Selamat sejahtera, kami ialah pelajar daripada SMK Saint Thomas, Kuantan. Bandar Kuantan ini amat aman dan berada di Malaysia. Terdapat pelbagai jenis kaum di Malaysia seperti Melayu, Cina, dan India. Tahun lepas, sekolah kita telah berpindah dari Jalan Gambut ke Jalan Beserah. Kami kini sedang berkongsi bangunan dengan sekolah yang lain sementara menunggu bangunan sekolah kita yang baru untuk dibina. Kami berasa sangat gembira kerana dapat mengambil bahagian dalam Projek Eratosthenes ini dan mendapat peluang untuk menjadi kawan dengan anda semua.

O CENOM (Centro Educacional Nosso Mundo) é uma escola  que atende crianças especiais  e atividade e convivencia dia onde tem atoiviade de informatica artesanato, educação física, cozinha e tem o compromisso de levar a educação a todos indistintamente.
Todos são capazes!

The CENON (Educational Centre Our World) is a school that serves special needs children in daily activities of coexistence such as computing, crafts, physical education, cooking and is committed to bring education to all without distinction.

Proyecto: “Eratostenes viene al Jardin de Infantes”
Jardin de Infantes Vicente Lopez y Planez; salita de 5 años; Anisacate, provincia de Cordoba, Argentina.
“Miden el tamaño del planeta Tierra con palos, sombras, matemática e imaginación”
 Adriana Baez : Maestra de Jardin de Infantes, autora del proyecto

Hazel Glen College is a new school in Doreen, which is located 30km north of the Melbourne CBD, Australia. Our school currently has about 650 students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 but it will likely grow to around 2500 in the next 5 years (kindergarten-Year 12).  Our school has many outstanding physical resources, providing us with the best educational opportunities to help us reach our potential. Our administrators and teachers are very professional and committed.


Partners del progetto

Fondazione La main à la pâte