Hazel Glen College is a new school in Doreen, which is located 30km north of the Melbourne CBD, Australia. Our school currently has about 650 students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 but it will likely grow to around 2500 in the next 5 years (kindergarten-Year 12).  Our school has many outstanding physical resources, providing us with the best educational opportunities to help us reach our potential. Our administrators and teachers are very professional and committed.

تقع تونس أو الجمهورية التونسية في شمال القارة الإفريقية. يحدها من الشمال والشرق البحر الأبيض المتوسط .
توجد مدرستنا 16 نهج روسيا بتونس العاصمة على بعد 100م من محطة القطار.
نحن مسرورون و متحمسون لمشروع أراتوس.  (Eratos). . هذا رائع أن نتشارك و نتواصل من القارات الخمسة . حقا نحن فخورون يذلك. شكرا.

La Tunisie ou la république tunisienne est un pays d’Afrique du Nord.
Elle est bordée au nord et à l’est par la mer méditerranée.

A proposal of the Department of Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Laboratory Pie- rre Auger, National Technological University , Regional Mendoza ( Argentina ) and Argentina Physical Society .

Una propuesta del Departamento de Física de la Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), del Laboratorio Pie-rre Auger, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Regional Mendoza (Argentina) y de la Asociación Física Argentina.

On april 22nd, 14 schools from 9 countries (and 5 continents) celebrated the "Earth Day" by a videoconference meeting. They exchanged their measurements and calculations of the circumference of the Earth and presented their school and their country. Congratulations to the 47 partner schools, their teachers and students for their participation to the Eratosthenes march equinox experiment.
There are special days, special places , when and where the sun casts no shadow at noon. This was the first Eratosthenes experiment between Alexandria and Aswan, 2200 years ago. It happenned on march 31, 2015 in Kuantan Malaysia
47 schools from 19 countries (and 5 continents) participated to this experiment

7 écoles du projet Eratosthène ont observé l'éclipse partielle de soleil depuis leur cour de récréation:

- Ecole primaire de Saint Félix (France)
- Collège Antonin Perbosc de Lafrançaise (France)>
- Osnovna šola Preska de Medvode (Slovénie)
- Experimental College Agion Anargyron d'Athènes (Grèce)
- Protypo Peiramatiko Gymnasio Zosimaias Scholis d'Ioannina (Grèce)
- Ecole primaire de Lardos, Rhodes (Grèce)
- Istituto Comprensive Buonarotti de Marina di Carrara (Italie)

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4 Greek schools participated to Eratosthenes experiment in Acropolis:
- 3rd High School of Aspropirgos,
- Protypo Peiramatiko Gymnasio Agion Anargyron,
- 3o Γυμνάσιο Iλίου,
- 1st High School of Aigio
Month by month, the main events in 2014
The older students from Escola Sec. de Palmela , in Portugal, made a video about Eratosthenes experiment (in Portuguese :))


Partenaires du projet

Fondation La main à la pâte Editions Le Pommier