પૃથ્વીના પરિઘ માપન અંગે આંતર રાષ્ટ્રીય વીડિયો કોન્ફરન્સ કચ્છની માતૃચ્છાયા કન્યા વિદ્યાલય માં યોજાઈ
Videoconferences on June 22nd with Matruchhaya Kanya vidhyalay High School in Bhuj India, with the coordination of Kutch Astronomy Club
3 continents 10 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Romania) 22 schools, 97 measurements
4 continents 10 countries 28 schools 72 measurements
4 continents 15 countries 43 schools 165 measurements
4 continents 12 countries 21 schools 73 measurements
4 continents 8 countries 17 schools 50 measurements
50 measurements (2 orphan measures without calculation) 3 continents 10 countries [Argentina, Brazil (3), China, Croatia (x2), France, Greece (x5), India(x3) Italy (x2), Romania, Spain] 20 schools (1 new school: Vigo SPAIN)
November newsletter with results by continent and countries, With table of results, photo, and geometric figures
10 schools participated to the Eratosthenes world space week from 4 to 10 october 2016


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