ASTEP: References and bibliography

Smart guides

Common foundation of knowledge and skills (French Ministry of National Education)

The knowledge, abilities and attitudes that should be acquired by children at the end of secondary school are grouped under 7 headings. Pillar 3 concerns the main elements of mathematics and scientific and technological culture.


ASTEP Charter

Published by the French Ministry of National Education, this charter outlines the main principles of scientific support


La démarche d’investigation: Comment faire en classe ? ( cf. tools section – guide for teachers)

A methodological guide for inquiry-based learning in the classroom.


DVD: Apprendre la science et la technologie à l’école primaire, published by the CNDP, 2008.

Distributed in 2008 in all French schools, this DVD contains eight filmed class sessions, interviews with specialists and thematic inputs. (available with English subtitles).
- Teaching science at school
- Discover the world at kindergarten level: the living world, matter, objects. ( cf. tools section – learning units)


Examples of series of activities organised around different topics of the school programme for pupils 3 to 11 years old.

  • La main à la pâte

The website of La main à la pâte is designed to help teachers and trainers, scientists, and institutional staff set up quality science teaching in primary schools. You can find classroom activities, scientific or pedagogical documents, tools for exchanges and collaborative projects, and many other resources…

  • Consultants network:

LAMAP experts network

The network of La main à la pâte volunteer consultants is made up of around 100 scientists (researchers and engineers) and an equivalent number of pedagogues (trainers and designers of specifi c courses) who answer primary school teachers’ questions concerning the preparation or organisation of their science and technology sessions in the classroom.


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